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EverGreen Plastic Products Manufacturing is one of the leading manufacturers of packaging products for Beverage and Food industries in the Middle East Providing a variety of packaging products as one stop solution packaging serving the industries for more than two decades.

About Us

EverGreen Plastic Products Manufacturing commenced its commercial production in the year 2000 in U.A.E providing quality driven , cost effective and innovative tailor made Packaging products as one stop packaging solution to fulfil the dynamic requirements of customers by providing a package of products to fit the requirements of water and beverage industries.


As a matter of policy, all products manufactured by EverGreen Plastics PRD MFG comply with highest quality standards aiming customer satisfaction through our continued research, development and quality driven services.

Environmental commitments

We responsibly manage our impact on the environment through the prudent use of natural resources to minimize wastage and energy consumption to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our Products

PET Preform

 Specialized in producing a wide range of high quality PET Preforms for bottled water industry using enhanced designs to deliver the maximum quality and cost efficient product to our customers.

  • Strict quality control is implemented at every stage of production to ensure that all PET preforms are of the highest standard.
  • The most important testing conducted, includes “AA” level / IV gas level, wall thickness and Polarized Light analysis for fringe patterns.
  • At all-time complying with EU 10/2011 - BS EN 1186-1, 9:2002 food safety regulation.

Neck Finish:

  • Long Neck 30/25
  • Short Neck 29/25


Caps are manufactured using injection moulding technology from world class machines which are recognized for their most reliable quality.  

We offer closure solution with well-performed in-mould tamper evidence bands designed for still mineral water complying with EU 10/2011 - SOP # CHEM 001 , 002 Rev 00 food safety regulation.

  • Cost Effective Lightweight design  with excellent performance
  • Advanced in-mould tamper evidence.
  • Compatible with all 29/25 short neck bottle finish

Shrink Sleeves

Providing key requirements of Food and beverage industries by producing multicolour rotogravure printed PET /  PVC Shrink Sleeve / tamper evidence seals for enhanced packaging integrity, optimal clarity & gloss.
 It’s amongst the most preferable form of labelling and Tamper-evident solution adding functionality to product’s packaging.

Features :
  • Excellent promotional tool / Private Labelling
  • Full-colour 360-degree print.
  • Tamper-evident shrink, Security Seals
  • High Shrinkage ratio.
  • High-gloss, Visibility

  • Beverage & Food industries
  • Dairy Products
  • Cosmetic, Health & beauty, detergents, soaps, cleaning agents

Inner Foam Liner for 4 & 5 Gallon Water bottle Caps / Closures.

Inner Foam Liner is a suitable form of Cap sealing of bottles mainly used for leak prevention and eliminating the pullulated air entering inside the bottles.
We offer a wide range of Inner Liners to provide positive sealing for packaging of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals & cosmetics products.
Our raw materials fulfil all requirements of food contact applications worldwide.

  • Formulated to comply with food safety regulation worldwide as per European Commission Regulation [EU] No. 10/2011
  • The foam liner is SEM FREE which is produced free from  Azodicarbonamide , CFC and HCFC .
  • It is 100 % recyclable and environmentally friendly.
  • The entire dimensions of the liners can be customized.
  • Available in varieties of thickness and hardness.  

  • 4 & 5 Gallon Water caps Sealing.
  • Cap sealing of Cosmetic, Health & beauty, detergents, soaps, cleaning agent bottles and containers.

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P.O.Box : 75085
Dubai Investment Park No. 2
Dubai - UAE


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